Ignorant Man's Prayer - Micky Cox

Peace is not the answer,

it’s just a state of being,

violence will protect me,

(violence will be freeing),

Jews are being burned,                                                     

Afghans are being killed,

but does it really matter,                                                  

it’s not our blood being spilled,

God approves of hatred,

or at least that’s what been said,

and every war ends,

with more alive than dead,

differences destroy us,

similarities must be done,

and if the gays can marry,

then the terrorists have won,


The heretics should be converted,

all men should be assertive(!)

and if you disagree with us,

then you are abandoned and perverted,


Blackness is a defect, so is Indian,

Chinese or Gay, and being transgender is revolting,

you were born a girl, stay that way,

I am tolerant of all,

except those who are different than me,

and when I look upon them,

Ignorance is what I see.