What If Rome Never Fell - Micky Cox

What if all flowers were male,

And all boats were he,

What if we swam through the sky,

And flew through the sea,

What if purple were called green,

And green were called yellow,

And instead of saying goodbye,

we all said hello,

What if cash was food, and the poor had most,

Then the uneducated man, would be the one who boasts,

What if clothes were for cats, and shoes were for dogs,

And people went diving in dark murky bogs,

What if horses flew in space with their wild manes aglow,

And people actually enjoyed it,

when they kicked or banged their toe,

What if mustard were a drink, and ketchup an ointment,

And people were never late for their appointments,

I can say all these what ifs, I can give them their due, 

Because at the end of the day, these what ifs aren't true.