Eyes for Beauty - Serena Blacklow

She sleeps

smothered by dreams and illusions,

blind to the natural world around her.


“Oh! look,” her mother wakes her

from her slumber

to show her the natural beauty of the earth.


“Oh! look,” her brother cries

from his throne atop snowy pillows

pointing out their twenty-seventh story window to the river that lies beyond.


She stirs and her eyes flutter open

eager to absorb

the sight of beauty that commanded their keen attention.


She wants to lie back down,

but her body orders her to rise,

thirsty eyes searching for crystal awakening their desire.


“Out there,” her father clarifies,

giving direction to his daughter’s

hungry eyes that are lost since they look everywhere but at the window.


“See the cloud falling, rising, breathing.”

Her sister stares

with captivated eyes gulping in the prime beauty.


Her body moves to face the window;

her arms still clutch her blanket to her chest;

her eyes, mirrors of her sisters’ blue ones, find their spring and drink and feast and delight.


Blooming forth from the sky

Engulfing the blue waters of the river below

A cloud hovers shimmering, emanating natural power, strength, and beauty.

Undying nature.

The cloud reaches its fingers to cover tips of skyscrapers

Yes, as Nature vainly struggles to throw off its cemented, metallic covers.