Rest Where Blossoms Wake - Eliza Pato

Away with the wind, soaring through sky,

That’s where I want to hide, safe up high.

No familiar faces, no emotions or fears,

I want to hide away and cover up my ears.

No more critiques, fells like that’s all I receive,

When you get put down enough, it’s what you start to believe.


I want to dance through crystal flakes,

Rest my head where blossoms wake,

Lie upon a grass bed beneath the woven trees,

Crinkle in the autumn colors, imagine what the rest of the world sees.


I am done with plastic chairs.


The more pressure, the more the passion wears.

Too scared to make a change or be different,

I used to be so happy, now wonder where that went,

Hoping with all my heart my light will shine through.


I can do so much more than people think,

Sometimes its hard for ability and effort to link,

Wishing to be good enough,

To be accepted in this crowd of rough,

Away with the wind, soaring in the sky,

Sometimes all I want is to hide my face and cry.