A Quiet Plea for Requital - Rose Meier

Maybe if I do all my homework

Maybe if I take notes instead of smirk at the board in history

Maybe if I make my bed and do every chore

Rake the leaves, sweep the floor and wash the dishes


Maybe if I hug my mother when she cries,

Maybe if I help my brother realize that he will find his way someday

Maybe if I smile at my father, forgive him for his mistakes and

Give him that warm feeling of having a loving daughter


Maybe if I say yes to more boys

Maybe if I stick through all the mess and noise of every relationship

Maybe if I give my ear to every friend, and my heart too,

So they can use them as a boxes to stash all their skeletons


Maybe if I stop in the garden and smell every flower

Maybe if I stand in an October shower and look up and laugh,

Maybe if I spin and dance in the rain like it’s my last chance to

Smell the sky, ozone charged around me


Maybe if I love the world harder

It will love me back.