Words - Navaeh Hawkins

I see that I am no more than what you call me

Just because Kanye said it in Feedback

Doesn't give you the right

The rights I was given with the skin

I was given, not chosen

Yet I'm proud I was given

Negus, meaning "king"

"To reign"

Yet you rain on me?

Using words and not even knowing the meaning

Just to hurt a soul that can never be broken

You mistake my broken speech for ignorance

My slang for stupidity

You say my brothers are a danger to you

To whom?

When he reached in his pocket you assumed that bullet

Was for you

From the nonexistent gun

Your words fire off bullets more lethal

Hundreds of years of unchanged hearts

The King said

"Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that"

But what love do you find

In such a world full of hate?

That the only love you cannot hate

Is the love for yourself

Yet your words show that you have

A love for hate