Attempting to Hug the Universe - Armando Hazaveh

I look for what needs to be done. After all, that's how the universe designs itself.

-R. Buckminster Fuller


The universe gets dressed every eon

like a hiker strapped with essentials

and probably doesn’t have time to shower,


But if it had time to bathe in the warm glow

of unbalanced existence it would probably sigh,

and forget that it is expanding all the time.


Maybe it would, if it had spare suns,

apply them around the black holes

to outshine the nonexistent blemishes.


Or it would place more milky gas dashes

across its pirouetting galaxies,

enjoying the way they float in nothing.


I hope the universe doesn’t get self conscious,

when we point out its constellations,

or the fact that it can’t remember its parents.


And that it isn’t scared of our telescopes,

because our calculating satellites and space stations

too closely resemble a galactic dentist’s office.


And if we gave it a few billion more years,

it would likely grab a large pencil plus eraser

and try to freshen up the place above the sky.


But perhaps it is getting bigger due to stress,

making more stars to cover up the dark matter.

I completely understand the problem,


So I plead for the ear of the cosmos

and prostrate myself before the nebulae’s altar

even though I know thearrogance is just a mask.


Obviously it is hard to be mostly empty space

and try to enjoy small scattered lights,

without feeling like being unique is just being alone.


It is best to keep growing,

Do not implode.