The Key - Adria Alexander

I am stuck in a house that I call home

Locked inside but with the key

Clenched within my iron grasp, in my clammy palm

Anxious to set me free

Here inside I know no pain

Because the outside knows not my name

What isn’t known isn’t missed

The lips of opportunity I’ve neither encountered nor kissed

While my body is set my mind wanders still

Should I venture out, into the unforgiving land of possibility?

And let the directionless breeze

Carry my dancing feet?

With curiosity on my heels I climbed my tower

Feet pounding to the very top

Until I looked down and remembered that

I built my house on a swamp

If I leave my house, it could collapse

Down to its very seams

And be nothing more than

A pile of wood and sunken dreams

So as long as the keystays out of temptations reach,

We will stand tall

And it’ll just be my happy home

And me