Mind-games are for Type-B personalities - Kaley Arnof


You stumbled onto my life, hon,

Fumbling all my rules.


Take what you want. Do want you want. Be who you want.

I snipped my life into single strips

decisively, I organized

color-coordinated piles, tucked away into my 4-hole- punch binder.

It’s a black or white world.

You messed that one up, hon,

Disheveled banter dissolved into disheveled days.

You jumbled my piles,

And even when I knew how gray my world would become,

I let it.

I thought you knew that the spew of sounds exiting my lips

had no connection with the butterflies crawling in my stomach acid.

The reverberations heard by the drum near your brain

Could never know my neurological hiccup: sensation to sensibility.

Take what you want. Do want you want. Be whom you want.

The anthem screeched from the streets

Heard only by the Type-A subset of Earth.

That, my anthem.

It would keep me up at night.

Now hon, you do.