Sunset - Isabelle Bailey

The air of the atmosphere bends the light
Of the sun as it sinks to the ground.1
The atmosphere creates an illusion so bright
The warmth of the day seems to linger around.

From dusk until dawn the horizon contains
The glaring truth that we both need to see.
But from dawn until dusk the sad fact remains
That the sun’s not where it appears to be.

When I watch the sunset, I can’t help but know
That our time is already gone.
But I’d rather soak up the afterglow
Than admit that I know what went wrong.

Though the earth between us is blocking my view
I think I can guess how you are.
I know when this ends we will both make it through,
But I’m burned, after all, you’re a star.

Though, throughout our mistakes I helped carry the weight,
We were both aware in the end
Of the illusion together we helped to create.
We broke something I don’t think we can mend.

1 Due to the the quantity of different gases in the Earth’s atmosphere (that create many different temperatures and densities) the sun’s image is often distorted, making the sun appear somewhere that it is not, or making its appearance change shape. At sunset, when the sun appears to be on or near the horizon, it is already physically below the horizon, but the air in the atmosphere refracts an image that is visible for many minutes afterwards.