Sunrise - Michael Goldfine

            Night lies gently over the world, misting the sky over with its thick haze. Cupping, flickering blades of candlelight in its delicate fingers. Extending its soft touch through the shifting surface of the sea, slipping into deep-sea caves and curving around squid and fish. Creeping slowly over the houses, turning out the spots of day one by one until a city goes black. Resting upon the heavy eyelids of a man resisting its touch. Pushing into a child’s bedroom as the lights flick out, carrying him away on swift currents of dreams and nightmares.

            The crisp, dark corner of the sky lights. The edge of the horizon burning the delicate blanket of darkness. A fire starting along its edge, chasing up to the dome until the night is burned away, replaced with blues and whites. Sunlight exploding over the horizon, washing away the feeble glow of streetlamps and candles in its burning gaze. Searing the shifting surface of the sea, extending its fingers deep below the surface. Pushing a tired man to suffer through its unyielding dominion. Shocking the child’s dreams into the corners of his mind and imposing the reality of day.