Sunset - Jackson Lifford

The happiness comes blazing in. The warmth electrifies your body, sending waves of heat from your head to your toes. As the warmth settles into your bones, the fire lights in your eyes and the furnace of your lungs begin to work. They begin pumping, immediately sending out the magical sound of laughter. This cadence, this beautiful vibration in the air infects the world, and soon the entire world is ablaze with mirth. The world is golden, and shines in exuberance.

However, inevitably the furnace in your lungs begins to slow, and the fire in your eyes dim. With a last wink at the world the fire in your eyes dies, and disappears as rapidly as it came. The laughter beginsto peter out, and the fire that illuminated the world burns down to cold coals sitting on burnt out ashes that mourn their past. In the blink of an eye the sunset has come and gone, leaving all those touched by it in despair. As the last vestiges of light depart, night swoops in, allowing its frigid wings to encircle your world.

 The chill rushes into your bones, making your body ache and the memories of warmth and happiness serve as a contrast to the arctic temperatures that have invaded. What permeates the body eventually finds its way to the spirit, and so the soul that was harboring the last bit of fire, of heart-warming happiness, is ripped out and ground into the dust. All you can do is curl into a ball and pray. Pray that the warmth and happiness will find a way to break back into the frozen tomb that has become your body, and set fire to your spirit again. Pray the sun will rise again, and that after it returns in its golden glory, the sunset that promises darkness will never follow.