I Am - Isabel Ruehl

I was the innocence scribbled in childhood

The cozy nest prepared with love

The buttons on the jacket firmly fastened

Bundled up in the first snowfall, white as a dove.


I was led by the warmth of a magical hand

Whose reach expanded and embraced my fears

Coaxed me through my first toddles of life

And was there with a tissue to wipe my tears.


I am beginning to color inside the lines

To gaze over the top of my nest at the world beyond

The buttons fastened by myself in disarray

With an absent-minded reminder and a cheery, So long!”


I am the last squeeze before a drippy farewell

Itching to spread and learn to fly;

Knuckles white, heart fluttering

I know that soon enough I must say good-bye.


I will color outside the lines once more

Gaze back up at my nest, a silhouette in the sun

Tightly fasten my own buttons firmly

And smoothly sail on with the thoughts of one.