Kayaking - Hannah Hecht

I slice the paddle

through the water

and repeat the pattern

without a path

in mind.

I kayak.


Alone in the kayak,

Fingers wrapped around the paddle,

My mind

relaxed. A trail of water

rings marks my path.

An enchanting pattern.


Neck turned to watch the pattern,

I kayak

along the river path.


hung with water

droplets, but they don’t mind...


And I don’t mind

That they break the pattern

of the water,

sliding off the kayak

and the rubber paddle,

Disrupting the glossy path.


The ring-marked path

I follow as my mind

wanders and the paddle

assumes a pattern.

Right. Forward. Back. Left…. Kayak

gliding across the water.


Now the water

is dotted with a path

of lilies. Petals brush against the kayak

and alert my mind.

Arranged in a spiral pattern.

One sticks to the paddle.


The trickling of water soothes my


No end to the path in sight. My arms have found their


I am free as I kayak, guided by the