Crimson - Micky Cox

Excuse me miss, you haven’t met me before,

but I’ve met you,

It was a long time ago,

you were captivating,

I'd never seen a creature

more mesmerizing.

            You were drenched in Crimson miss,

laying in the arms of a muscled man in a yellow suit,

we never met face to face and

we never will.

                                    I watched as your crimson dress pooled

                                                                                    like water

                                                                                    into grass.

I watched as they sealed you away

in a plastic bag,

                        I watched as the tow truck took your car,

the one with the absent windshield,

                        I watched as they roped off the rock face that took your life,

the hideous yellow police tape,

It mocked your image,

I watched until they were done with you miss,

never looking away.

I hate to mention this miss, but you’re dead,

you died that night,


no one saw it but me,

not even the moon was

there to cry,

I don’t mean to bother you miss,

but I just want to say

hello, and