Freckles - Ava Boudreau

The freckles that dapple your face

Look more like stars burning low

Their embers shining

Illuminating the planes of your cheeks

A new constellation forming whenever I steal a glance


The freckles that splatter your face

Look more like the latest masterpiece

Drops of paint like glistening rain

Every stain coming from a loving flick of a brush

To hang them in a museum won’t even be enough


The freckles that sprinkle your face

Look more like wildflowers

Sweet petals growing on lucky pores

Each one blooming and soaking in your light

Every single one with its own simple perfection


The freckles that litter your face

Look more like lost objects found

Bits of paper and cloth spun about in the wind

Keys and locks, toys and blocks

Leaving a trail of things I never knew I needed until they were gone