A Connection - Catherine Hanss

  Click clap- it hits the ground

Click clap- it descends into those cold recesses

Click clap- the sound resonates deep into the earth

To be overcome by the hum of the machine

That great engine that seems to swallow up all space

Pulling at my feet, driving me faster downward

Click clap click clap- I pick up my pace

Click clap click clap- I’m part of this race of moving bodies, a sea that sways

Click clap click clap- I’m hit with a wave of rushing noises

That accosts me, confronts me

The resonance penetrates and interrupts my pulse

The tile walls magnify the touch

The hurt is never ceasing, driving me forward

Click clap- it resumes

Click clap click clap- it is muffled by the bodies pressed tight

Click clap- it hurries forward


Click- I step up into my car