Beezlebub - Noah Bierbrier

 Pain seeps through the seams like water through the leaky roof of our year one classroom;

it fuels the life we are living, almost as if it owned us.


No one knows drinking tea at home on a summer night like we do.


Whenever you appear, I cringe because I know that I cannot hide you much longer;

fair is not in our life.




What we drank was not tea, we won like it was our lives on the line, not theirs… I don’t care if you fucking hate me; I am here for the long haul.


Beelzebub the bunny didn’t go missing like big brother said he did.




Please, Bub sat with us as we delicately consumed our favorite ice cream, rum raisin;

every few licks we would slip him some rum, he acted austere without it;

we were just trying to have fun.


only children are allowed happiness;

is there any use of fun now that we have fulfilled my needs?


Just because no one can see our age does not mean we have not lived a full life…

Death is imminent; big brother will find us soon.


Why wont you depart? I just want to scrub away the dirt that you have tattooed under our nails…

I remember when colors didn’t appear out of nowhere, and running was just a game;


we did it; we cannot go back; I am powerful, and you are just a scrawny little boy.

If you cant keep up get out;

I will not quit;

My only moments of satisfaction now come from color blast;

No one will take that away from me.



What happened? We used to be like brothers; united in our causes…

Did the marshmallow sushi mean nothing to you?


Creation is what brought us together but your passion for red is pulling us apart;

where did the cute little boy go?


Once I realized that the real world doesn’t help cute little boys I knew it was time for a change…

I would say it is closer to a metamorphosis into what I have always wanted but

never thought acceptable to be;


the marshmallow sushi tasted like sugary shit.