Seoul - Sawyer Ames

You said you were going to go to Seoul to find yourself

“Because it’s huge, and too easy to get lost”

They didn’t say anything when you told them

They only laughed and hugged you goodbye at the airport

Like it was a joke, and like you weren’t going to be missing from the dinner table

that night


You looked small getting off the plane

Everyone was grabbing luggage and hugging friends

And you sat down and looked up

And realized it was actually a lot easier to get lost than you’d thought


You walked for two days straight

The toes of your shoes blew out

And the soles wore smooth

The only thing that changed was the sky

The lights were always on, always flashing too brightly


They weren’t at the gate with open arms when you came home

It wasn’t disappointing

It felt more like the first deep breath you’d had in forever

You bought a ticket for Marrakech the next day